Self Healing Ice

The Winter Olympics in Beijing are under way. Dutch athletes are hoping to win many medals, especially in skating events. To improve the performance of

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New puppeteering

Streamlined control of material deformation 12 January 2022 In a new publication in Nature Communications, a team of physicists from Amsterdam, Leiden and Atlanta show

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How ‘thick’ is a soup?

To be able to experience a wide range of impulses, our senses use ‘logarithmic perception’: a large increase in the impulse only leads to a

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How does Gecko tape work?

To solve practical issues, sometimes all we have to do is study nature. An often quoted example is that of the gecko, a small animal

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Blood droplets at a crime scene

A fabric’s physical properties, such as its wettability and porosity, affect the dynamics of an impacting droplet. Understanding these effects can help forensic scientists draw

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