Crystallisation and Self-Assembly

We are fascinated by crystallization and its applications where crystal structure and the dynamics of crystallization play a major role. Our interests range from the deterioration of artworks and buildings by salt crystallization to the design of new materials such as perovskites for solar cells or ironized table salt for food purposes.
Our research covers different topics ranging from nano- to macroscale studies – from self assembly of nanocrystals and colloidal assemblies to the fundamentals of nucleation and growth of inorganic salts in droplets, and in confinement e.g. in porous materials.
The fundamental understanding of both classical nucleation and growth, and non-classical growth processes in the presence of additives such as polymers and surfactants or in contact with different type of surfaces remains one of our main research areas.

Crystallization and Applications

We do multiscale studies on interdisciplinary research projects addressing crystallization questions in various fields such as food science, civil engineering, pharmaceuticals, energy materials and much

Dynamics of Crystal Nucleation and Growth

Crystals are fascinating materials and are omnipresent around us. The crystalline structure of minerals with its highly ordered assembly of constituent atoms, ions or molecules

Bending Fluctuations of Colloidal Polymers

The viscoelastic properties of filaments and biopolymers play a crucial role in soft and biological materials from biopolymer networks to novel synthetic metamaterials. Colloidal particles

Colloidal Molecules

Colloidal particles offer fascinating insight into the statistical mechanics and assembly behaviour of atoms. The particles, about a micrometer in size, have thermal energy and

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