Welcome to the website of the Soft Matter Group

The Institute of Physics (IoP) of the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam comprises of three research divisions: experimental, theoretical and high-energy physics. The experimental physics done the van der Waals Zeeman Institute (WZI) has a long tradition of excellence in three programs covering soft condensed matter, quantum gases and hard condensed matter. The world-renowned Soft Matter group comprises of over 30 researchers and is active in areas located at the overlap between physics, chemistry and materials science. The research is powered both by fundamental, knowledge-based drive and an ambition to maximize the transfer and exploitation of our results in industry and society in general.

Our main research areas include hydrodynamics (evaporation) and rheology, complex fluids (surfactants, colloids, polymers), nucleation and phase transitions, thermodynamics. We have 4 publications in PRL every year and six papers in Nature or Science since 2004. We are the organiser of three major national and International events in our field: the Dutch Soft Matter, the New York-Amsterdam Soft Matter meetings and the CRYSPOM (Crystallization in Porous media) conference.