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Machine Materials

  • Supervisor: dr. C. Corentin
  • Project Type: Bachelor / Master
  • Goal: Creating a new class of programmable, dynamical and active materials.
  • Info: Send email to: C.Coulais or call: +31(0)20 525 7224
  • PDF: Click here for PDF

Over the past few years, exciting progress has been made in the field of mechanical metamaterials. Harnessing nonlinear degrees of freedom arising in suitably designed microstructures, metamaterials could be programmed with specific mechanical tasks, such as negative stiffness, elastic hysteresis or programmable mechanics (1-4). So far, most of these developments have been made with passive-at equilibrium-materials. .

The goal of this project is generalize these findings to create a new class of programmable, dynamical and active materials, called Machine Materials. To do this, the idea is to set the grounds of nonlinear osmomechanics, which combines swelling and nonlinear elasticity within metagels, i.e. architected hydrogels under osmotic shock.


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