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Compaction and flow of granular materials: Impact of grains (crystals) shape

  • Supervisor: Rinse Liefferink, Noushine Shahidzadeh, Daniel Bonn
  • Project Type: Bachelor Project
  • Goal: To investigate the compation and flow of crystalline granular materials.
  • Info: Send email to: N.Shahidzadeh or call: +31(0) 20 525 8261
  • PDF: Click here for PDF

Most of the industrial / pharmaceutical products are processed, transported and stocked in a granular state. The packing density of those granular materials becomes therefore a relevant parameter for a broad range of applications in order to reduce the costs for the manipulation and transportation of such granular materials.

This project consists of:
1 - Studying the compaction and flow of crystalline granular materials in controlled environment. The latter are grains with rough surfaces and needle like particles that can change the contact dynamics during compaction compared to spherical grains.
2 - We will study the case of NaCl(with and without additives), Gypsum (CaSO4) used as plaster and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) used in various applications.
3 - Results of 3D printed model grains will be compared with the results with real materials used in the project.