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Innovative Nanotech Sprays

  • Supervisor:Prof. dr. Daniel Bonn and prof. dr. Cees van Rijn
  • Research Team: dr. Stefan Kooij, Antoine Parrenin, Albert Poortinga
  • Goal: To create very fine and soft sprays with a precisely controlled droplet size distribution by using nanotechnology based nozzle arrays.
  • Info: C. van Rijn ,D.Bonn

Current plastic swirls nozzles although cheap have some basic shortcomings; the droplet size distribution is rather broad and for their operation a rather high throughput is needed including the use of propellants. In this program with three PhD’s we investigate a new generation of nanotech spray devices that can be used in various fields where a slow-moving soft spray is required without the use of liquid propellants. The nanotech nozzle chips make it possible to tailor the spray to the specific application. Spray cone, droplet size distribution, spray duration and skin sensation can be tuned to the needs of the user. Suitable combinations of precisely made spray nozzles, reproducible modes of actuation to create coalescence-free monodisperse sprays in a broad throughput range (i.e. dose per time unit) will be studied.