Jacco Vink

Dr. Jacco Vink
Anton Pannekoek Institute/GRAPPA
University of Amsterdam
PO Box 94249, 1090 GE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
C 4.107, Science Park 904


I am an Associate Professor in the Grappa Institute, the new center of excellence of the University of Amsterdam.

My research interest is high energy astrophysics, with a special interest in supernova remnants. One of the questions I am trying to answer is, whether supernova remnants are indeed the most important sources of Galactic cosmic rays. If so they should be able to use 10-20% of their explosion energy to accelerate cosmic rays, and they should be able to accelerate these particles to at least 3×10^15 eV, but probably even 10^18 eV. In addition, I have an interest in isolated neutron stars, magnetars, pulsar wind nebulae, clusters of galaxies and AGN.