GRAPPA Seminars

GRAPPA Seminars are usually held on second and fourth Mondays of each month, but occasionally some talks do not follow this rule.

  • Time: 12:00−13:00 (unless otherwise noted)
  • Venue: C4.174 (unless otherwise noted)

See calendar for all GRAPPA-related events.

See also schedules of Nikhef Theory SeminarNikhef Colloquium, and API Colloquium.

Winter/spring term 2017

23rd Jan Manuel Meyer (Oskar Klein Centre)  Astrophysical searches for axions and axionlike particles at gamma-ray energies C4.278
13 Feb Noam Libeskind (AIP Postdam)  Satellite Galaxies, Local Groups and the Cosmic Web
27 Feb Aart Heijboer (Nikhef) KM3NeT: The next generation neutrino telescope
13 Mar Jesus Zavala (Reykjavik University)  Towards an Effective THeory Of Structure formation (ETHOS)
27 Mar Mauro Valli (SISSA)
10th April Stephen West (Royal Holloway University of London) Nuclear Dark Matter
19th April Alexander Tchekhovskoy (UC Berkeley) Simulations of Black Holes the Astrophysical Laboratories API/GRAPPA – 11:00am
24th April Felix Kahlhoefer (DESY) Phenomenology of self-interacting WIMPs
8 May Andrew Pontzen (UCL) Towards robust predictions of dark matter distributions around galaxies
22nd May Tanguy Pierog (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology)
29th May Jonathan Cornell (McGill University)
7th July Tracy Slayter (MIT) When Do Dark Bound States Matter? Special Seminar: C4.278 (11:00)

*** Past seminars ***

Summer/fall term 2016

5 Sept Ranjan Laha (Kavli/SLAC/Stanford) Two new avenues in dark matter indirect detection 11.00-12.00
9 Sept Wei Xue (MIT) Explore QCD splitting function with CMS open data Special Seminar A1.10
26 Sept Alfredo Urbano (CERN) The last gasp of dark matter effective field theory  C4.278
10 Oct Bradley Kavanagh (Paris VI) Dark Matter Particle Astronomy  C4.278
24 Oct Matthew Malek (University of Sheffield) Are Neutrinos Responsible for our Matter-Dominated Universe? C4.278
14 Nov Matteo Biagetti (UvA)  The peaks approach to halo clustering: theory and applications C4.278
28 Nov Valerie Domcke (APC, Paris Diderot) C4.278
12 Dec Paul McMillan (Lund University) Mass modelling the Milky Way with the parallaxes of 10^2 or 10^9 objects C4.278

Winter/spring term 2016

11 Jan Yudai Suwa (MPA/Kyoto) Neutrino acceleration: analogy with Fermi acceleration and Comptonization
25 Jan Alistar Currie (Imperial London) Updated results from the 2013 LUX dataset
8 Feb Valentina Vacca (Cagliari Observatory) Revealing the gamma-ray sky with the D3PO algorithm
22 Feb Fiorenza Donato (Turin University) Dark matter in the cosmic radiation: weak signals, great opportunities
14 Mar Franco Vazza (Hamburg Observatory) Constraining non-thermal energy in galaxy clusters
25 Apr Joerg Jaeckel (Heidelberg University) WISPy Dark Matter
2 May Elena Pian (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa) Relativistic jets: an overview of recent progress Special time: 15:00-16:00
9 May Brian Reville (Queen’s University Belfast) Shocks, particle acceleration and magnetic fields
23 May Alessandra Silvestri (Leiden) Unveiling dark energy from the large scale structure: challenges and progress
13 Jun Alberto Dominguez (Madrid) All the Light There Ever Was
27 Jun Jacobo Lopez Pavo Cosmological constraints on the seesaw scale

Summer/fall term 2015

14 Sep Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (MIT) Bose-Einstein Condensates in Space!
28 Sep Massimo Viola (Leiden) The Kilo Degree Survey: early lensing results
12 Oct Emma Storm (GRAPPA) Predictions for Dark Matter in Galaxy Clusters from Future Radio Surveys
26 Oct Daisuke Kawata (UCL) Spiral Arm Paradigm in Disk Galaxies Special time: 11:00-12:00
9 Nov Erik Verlinde (ITFA) Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe Special time: 13:30-14:30
23 Nov Sergio Palomares Ruiz (Valencia) On the flavor composition of the IceCube neutrinos
14 Dec Stephan Zimmer (OKC) Observations of nearby Galaxy Clusters with the Fermi Large Area Telescope – Towards the first Gamma Rays from Galaxy Clusters

Winter/spring term 2015

12 Jan Alvise Raccanelli (JHU) Testing cosmological models with future galaxy surveys
26 Jan Francesca Vidotto (Nijmegen) Planck Stars
9 Feb Andrew Taylor-Castillo (DIAS) Cosmic Rays, Galactic Outflow, and Non-Thermal Emission
23 Feb Christopher McCabe (GRAPPA) Are WIMPs in trouble?
9 Mar Daniele Gaggero (SISSA) Connections between cosmic-ray physics, gamma-ray data analysis and Dark Matter detection
23 Mar Alexander Westphal (DESY) Large-field inflation – strings & pheno
13 Apr Kaustuv Basu (AIfA) A new look on diffuse radio emissions in galaxy clusters
11 May Torsten Bringmann (Oslo) Dark Matter with Long-Range Interactions: From cosmological opportunities to model-building considerations

Summer/fall term 2014

22 Sep Mustafa Amin (Cambridge) After Inflation
13 Oct Thomas Schwetz (Stockholm) On the neutrino mass spectrum
27 Oct Enrico Pajer (Utrecht) The Effective Field Theory of Large Scale Structures
10 Nov Alessandro Mirizzi (DESY) What Next on Axion-like Particles: Current Bounds and Discovery Opportunities
24 Nov Nassim Bozorgnia (GRAPPA) Probability that Dark Matter have been observed in direct detection experiments
8 Dec Nicolao Fornengo (Turin) Particle dark matter searches in the anisotropic sky

Winter/spring term 2014

Date Speaker Title Note
13 Jan Roberto Franceschini (Maryland) Post-LHC R-Parity Violating Supersymmetry
27 Jan Alexandre Marcowith (LUPM) Young supernova remnants as galactic PeVatrons:prospect for the Cerenkov Telescope Array
10 Feb Emilio Bellini (Heidelberg) Non-linearities in cosmology: the Dark Matter bispectrum
24 Feb Anders Pinzke (Stockholm) Cosmic rays in galaxy clusters and their non-thermal emission
10 Mar Irene Tamborra (GRAPPA) Neutrinos and supernova hydrodynamics
24 Mar Basudeb Dasgupta (ICTP) Neutrinos, Dark Matter, and New Interactions
14 Apr David Marsh (Oxford) On the cosmology of string theory axions, and their observational signatures
28 Apr Fabian Schmidt (MPA) Probing the Primordial Universe with Galaxy Clustering and Shapes
12 May Aaron Vincent (Valencia) Dark matter in the Sun: beyond standard models


Summer/fall term 2013

Date Speaker Title Note
26 Jun Germani Nardini MSSM, Strong Phase Transition and Baryogenesis versus LHC Constraints D1.112
8 Jul Toshifumi Futamase (Tohoku U) Subaru weak-lensing survey of dark matter subhalos in Coma cluster D1.112
12 Aug Takeshi Kobayashi (CITA) Large Tensor-to-Scalar Ratio in Small-Field Inflation
23 Sep Christoph Pfrommer (HITS) The Physics and Cosmology of TeV Blazars C4.278
30 Sep Justin Read (Surrey U) The Local Dark Matter Density 
7 Oct Kohta Murase (IAS, Princeton) Unveiling the Origin of High-Energy Neutrinos Observed by IceCube C4.278
21 Oct Miguel Pato (Munich) The way forward in dark matter searches C4.278
25 Oct Surjeet Rajendran (Stanford) CASPEr: the Cosmic Axion Spin Precession Experiment Friday 10:00–11:00, C4.278
28 Oct Enrico Borrielo (DESY) Probing Lorentz Invariance Violation with high-energy astrophysical neutrinos
11 Nov Till Eifert (SLAC) Searches for the supersymmetric partner of the top quark with the ATLAS Detector
18 Nov Ted Jacobson (Maryland) Spacetime approach to force-free magnetospheres  C4.278
25 Nov Wessel Valkenburg (Leiden) A Cosmic Skeleton from Fluid Dynamics
9 Dec Mark E. Dieckmann (Linkoeping University) Electrostatic shocks in the laboratory, in particle-in-cell simulations and in astrophysics C4.278
13 Dec Jacques Delabrouille (APC) CMB observations from space: Planck and beyond Friday 15:00–16:00


Winter/spring term 2013

Date Speaker Title Note
14 Jan Gary Shiu (UW, Madison) Primordial Fluctuations as a Probe of Fundamental Physics Special venue: A1.10
28 Jan Kumiko Kotera (IAP, Paris) Ultrahigh energy cosmic rays, pulsars, and supernovae Special venue: B0.207
4 Feb Toyokazu Sekiguchi (Nagoya U) Non-Gaussianity in isocurvature perturbations Special venue: A1.14
11 Feb Enzo Branchini (Rome) Galaxy Redshift Surveys: How Distortions Can Yield a Sharper View of the Universe Special venue: A1.14
18 Feb Raphael Bousso (LBL) The Cosmological Constant Problem and the Multiverse: Implications for Dark Energy and Dark Matter Special time & venue: 15:30-16:30 in A1.04
25 Feb Matthew Kleban (NYU) Testing the Multiverse with Observational Cosmology Special venue: A1.14
4 Mar Mark Lovell (Durham) A study of warm dark matter
11 Mar Matia Fornasa (Nottingham) What can we learn from gamma-ray anisotropies? Special venue: A1.14
13 Mar Javier Redondo (MPP, Munich) Axion (and WISPy) cold dark matter
8 Apr Daisuke Nagai (Yale U) Cosmology with CMB vs. Galaxy Clusters in the Planck Era Special venue: A1.06
12 Apr David G. Cerdeño (Madrid) Target complementarity for direct dark matter detection Special venue: A1.04
15 Apr Douglas Spolyar (IAP) Super cool Inflation-TeV scales Special venue: A1.14
22 Apr Michel Tytgat (Université Libre de Bruxelles) On Dark Matter creation through a Portal Special venue: A1.06
8 May Nana Cabo Bizet Heterotic mini-landscape in blow-up Special venue: D1.110
21 May Daan Meerburg (Princeton) In search of hints of resonance in the CMB power spectrum Special venue: D1.112


Summer/fall term 2012

Date Speaker Title
10 Sep Donghui Jeong (Johns Hopkins) Probing initial conditions with the large scale structure of the Universe
24 Sep Aaron Manalaysay (Zurich) Beyond the WIMP: the first direct detection limits on sub-GeV dark matter
8 Oct I-Sheng Yang (UvA) Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background and Binary Motion
22 Oct Donnino Anderhalden (Zurich) Can CDM survive without WDM?
29 Oct Sofia Sivertsson (KTH) WIMP diffusion in the Solar System and the neutrino signal from the Sun and the Earth
5 Nov Sara Rydbeck (DESY) Long-lived higgsinos as probes of gravitino dark matter at the LHC
12 Nov Cristiano Galbiati (Princeton) A Walk on the Dark Side
26 Nov Alejandro Ibarra (TUM, Munich) Higher order effects in dark matter annihilations
10 Dec Carsten Rott (Ohio State) Low-energy neutrinos as a novel signal for Dark Matter captured in the Sun