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Welcome to the official GRAPPA website.

GRAPPA (GRavitation and AstroParticle Physics in Amsterdam), is a new center of excellence of the U. of Amsterdam. It consists of seven faculty members (S. Ando, D. Berge, G. Bertone, M.P. Decowski, B. Freivogel, J. Vink and C. Weniger) as well as of outstanding scientists from the Institute for High Energy Physics (IHEF), the ‘Anton Pannekoek’ Institute (API) and the Institute for Theoretical Physics Amsterdam (ITFA).

The aim of the new center is to bring together theoretical physicists, astronomers and particle physicists, in order to answer some of the most profound questions in Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology: What is the so-called dark matter? How was the universe created? Where do cosmic rays originate? What bounds the smallest particles?